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Chivre (shi-ver) is a three-piece rock band based in Michigan's Lower Peninsula. Calling Kent City home, Dana, Pete, and Anthony spend most of the the year hours away from each other. The band was first conceived while Pete and Dana were seniors in high school and writing songs as a metal duo under the name of Diatribo.
Spring of 2000 came and it came time for Chivre's first practice and the band became bound together more than they ever would have known.

It had now become the summer of 2000. Chivre had gone a month and a half practicing two-three times a week coming a long way on defining their style and writing and taking time to record a demo with K.E.G. productions on Burnt Down Apartment Records. Then in late June, the band played their first show following a youth group activity at Kent City Baptist Church. The response was awesome. Their mission and purpose as a band, is to praise the giver of their talents by redefining the music world with creative and intelligent rock and roll.


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