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Ultra-Sonix FAQ

1. Are you looking to sign any bands?

At this time we are beginning to follow a couple of West Michigan bands that we are interested in signing down the road.

2. Are you accepting Demos at this time?

Yes we are, however, we would like more than just a demo from you...we want a detailed promo kit. If you would like us to seriously consider you, we require a good quality demo, a biography page, a photograph of yourself, a schedule of places that you are currently gigging at, references from places that you have gigged at, a reference from your pastor, any newspaper or music review clippings of yourself, and a phone #, address, and e-mail address so that we can contact you.

3. Why do you need so much information? Cant you tell if you like the band by their recording?

Yes, the demo helps us determine the bands level of talent and whether we like their sound, but all the other information tells us how serious the band is about promoting their music as well as the maturity of their character.

4. What is your mailing address so we can send you a press/promo kit?

Our mailing address is:

Ultra Sonix Records

633 Livingston N.E.

Grand Rapids MI 49503

5. Will you ever sign any bands outside of West Michigan?

At this time no. We are attempting to be the bridge between the gifted local garage band and the national label. That means our business is to help our bands develop both a strong local and regional following. We are not in a position to do that apart from West Michigan.



A Note from the President: Tips on recording.


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